Flower & Frequency

Beauty/Wellness + Online Gift Cards

Flower and Frequency is a portal for plant medicine and sound meditation. Under this main umbrella, we also operate as True Bloom and Drift.
We offer handcrafted herbal medicine, ambient meditation music, wellness packages, custom meditation tracks, workshops, gift cards, and much, much more. Currently we are conducting all business through our online shop, our Flower and Frequency App, and Zoom. We look forward to seeing you in the virtual space and connecting you to the profound healing qualities found within plant medicine and sound.

What is True Bloom?
True Bloom is Flower and Frequency’s clinical practice and herbal product line. It is also a pop up space offering various medicine making and plant related workshops. Our mission is to provide potent handcrafted medicine, quality alternative health care, and useful, empowering workshops.

What is Drift?
Drift is a virtual sound meditation practice exploring the many research-based health benefits found within sound. Our soothing music is informed by decades of published research showing that we can improve our health by simply slowing down with music on a regular basis. It’s really that easy! We utilize a variety of sound techniques such as pink noise, nature sounds, entrainment tones, and more to reliably guide listeners into deeply relaxed states of mind.