Building 8 Brewing (BLDG8 Brewing)


COVID-19 Update

It’s certainly feels like a beautiful spring day here at the brewery. The sun is shining and the store is open today from 3pm till 7pm. Our Black Currant Sour Cherry is certainly a welcoming addition to any day but tastes extra great on days like this. Brewed with a darker malt bill than our other sours the touch of lactose adds a smooth slightly sweet finish. But hey we have plenty of other beers at the store today as well : IPA, Ladybug, Oooh, Shiny!, Dark One and Coffee Dark one to name a few. We also have a few Growlers left of our Double. As always feel free to call ahead (4135704104)or use our online store for curbside pick up.

Thanks for all your support!

BLDG 8 Brewing is a micro brewery located within the heart of The Baystate Village in Northampton, Ma. We are committed to creating a quality product with a hop forward presence. BLDG 8 Brewing is owner and operated by O'Brian and Meghan Tomalin.