M. Ward

The Iron Horse (18 Center St., Northampton, MA)


M. Ward at The Iron Horse on Monday, July 29 2024

The renowned singer/songwriter M. Ward is announcing the new studio album ‘Supernatural Thing.' His songs “luxuriate in a dream world conjured out of memories, shared stories, and flights of fancy,” Pitchfork says, and the album’s title track also lives in a liminal space in which Elvis comes to him with a message: You Can Go Anywhere You Please.“Well, all my songs depend on dream-imagery to some extent,” Ward explained, “and this was an actual dream I had about Elvis, when he came to me and said that. I don’t know if it’s pandemic-related or not.” Summing up the emotional tone of the record, Ward also sings on this track: “you feel the line is growing thin / between beautiful and strange.”