Libertad! Lerner and Moguilevsky in Concert with special guests

BOMBYX Center for Arts & Equity (130 Pine Street, Florence MA)

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Imagine that klezmer takes a trip to Buenos Aires and falls in love with tango, jazz, and Latin American folk music. Direct from Argentina, Lerner and Moguilevsky present a mesmerizing blend of the sounds of Buenos Aires. Their virtuosity on flute, bagpipe, duduk (wind instrument), clarinet, bass clarinet, soprano sax, harmonica, accordion, piano and percussion makes them sound more like an orchestra than a duet. Having performed together for 40 years, on stage it can seem as if there is one musical soul being shared by two people. A concert with these acclaimed multi-instrumentalists promises to be a fun, spontaneous celebration of diversity and creativity.

The concert is a highlight of their Libertad! Artist-in-Residency produced by Dream Up Events. Libertad is Spanish for Liberty. It also was the name of one of the main thoroughfares of the old Jewish Quarter in Buenos Aires, the home to which many of Jewish immigrants fled European prejudice to build better, freer lives in Argentina. Find the complete residency schedule at