33 Hawley (33 Hawley St., Northampton MA 01060)

Photo By Lynne Graves
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SCDT is pleased to welcome the 37th edition of HUT! 33 Hawley Street, Northampton MA A.P.E.'s Workroom Theater ( lower level ) 8PM SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 5, 2022 AT 8 PM DAVIS SISTERS - MOVEMENT At the threshold of dance, theater, comedy, and installation, The Davis Sisters (Joy Davis and Alexander Davis), create experiences in which performers and audiences are invited to contemplate humanity, enjoy absurdity, and delight in physical and verbal articulation. Through rigorous imagination, improvisation and ridiculousness, they courageously and insightfully dare to create scenarios in which they perform magnified versions of themselves. VICK QUEZADA - WORDS Vick Quezada (they/them) is an Indigenous-Latinx artist, they queer the archaeological through hybrid forms and aesthetics. Inspired by the guiding principles of Aztec Philosophy, Quezada integrates the theory of interconnected matter and how it's embedded in the cosmos, planet earth, ecology, and all lifeforms. These elements of matter cannot be governed by sovereign powers as they are inherently queer and infinte. Quezada activates these themes and histories through their work, and this is conveyed by way of digital photography, video, performance and sculpture. STELLA SILBERT - SOUND Stella Silbert is an artist who currently works primarily with field recordings and improvisation on no-input mixing board and turntable. Tickets $10 online/ $15 at the door ​ The School For Contemporary Dance & Thought is pleased to welcome the ELEVENTH season of HUT -- the interdisciplinary performance series co-curated by dancer Jennifer Polins, sound artist Jake Meginsky, and writer Jay Keery Wiengarten. HUT showcases three artists in three short sets in an evening of music, words, and movement. HUT's roster of local and internationally recognized contemporary artists including among others Caliph Ali, Steve Baczkowski, Shura Baryshnikov, Chris Corsano, Joy Davis, Paul Flaherty, Jacob Fried, Jenifer Gelineau, Steve Gunn, Sean D. Henry-Smith, Kathleen Hermesdorf, Ben Hersey, K.J. Holmes, Jaamil Olawale Kosoko, Matt Krefting, Jason Lesceleet, Emily Lukasewski, V. Manuscript, Carole Maso, Bill Nace, Samara Lubelski, Cori Olinghouse, Natalia Panzer, Andrea Pensado, Jennifer Nugent, Vic Rawlings, Zach Rowden, Luke Stewart, Mariana Valencia, Laura Warman, and Wendy Woodson