Iron Horse Music Hall (20 Center St, Northampton MA 01060)


Kentucky-fried queerdosGRLwoodare back with their sophomore albumI Sold My Soul To The Devil When I Was12,out now on sonaBLAST! Records.Addressing the well establishedthemes of punk rock such as politics anddepression, along with new, much welcomed topics of queerness and sexuality, each song can be viewed as aninternal monologue of a 12 year old, a pivotal age that throws a kid into the struggles and confusion of adolescence.Still fresh faces, Rej Forester (guitar and vocals) and Karen Ledford (drums) are not fresh to thestage. Known for their energetic live performances, since joining forces the two have had a fullschedule of shows, travel, and recording. Refusing to be confined by labels, these queerdos area musical force paving their own path through the music scene.