Beyond Machu Picchu - A Journey along the Great Inca Trail

Northampton Center for the Arts (Northampton, MA 01060)

Photo By Lynne Graves
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Journey Beyond Machu Picchu and Explore Millennial Landscapes and Life Today Along the 30,000 kilometer Inca Highway of the Bolivian Highlands The Great Inca Trail, also known as Qhapaq Nan in Quechua, stretches from southwest Colombia into northern Argentina. Join ecologist Stephen Taranto, who has lived and worked in the Central Andes for nearly 20 years and now lives in Florence, MA and Frank Grinrod from Earthwork Programs and on a fascinating exploration of the Inca Trail from Cusco in Peru to the massive Uyuni Salt Flats in southern Bolivia. The Inca Trail is a living trail and as Stephen shares images, stories and music from his many years working in communities along the trail you'll travel through space and time to and along one of humanity's greatest achievements. Frank and Stephen will also share information about an upcoming expedition to the trail in August 2020. If you are ready for a deep dive into the natural and cultural history - and modern day communities - in the Central Andes, please join us for an evening of fascinating history, spectacular landscapes and open discussions about Qhapaq Nan.