Amos Nachoum

Academy of Music Theatre (274 Main Street, Northampton MA 01060)


Amos Nachoum is a wildlife photographer and explorer. He has shot just about everything there is to shoot, war, journalism, fashion, racing of cars, and Motorcycles…but what he loves most is wildlife photography. Especially if it’s in the water. And he has become world-famous at it.

In his lecture, Amos talks about the thought process and preparations a photographer needs to make before each assignment and every day for their work. Using his imagery as an example, he will discuss thinking about creating images that have not been seen before, and what it takes to successfully execute them. He will draw on his years of experience working for such clients as Apple, IBM, Microsoft, Discovery Channel, Armani, Disney, and Colombia Pictures

Show Date/Time:
Saturday, April 22, 2023 at 7:30 pm
Doors at 7:00 pm

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$15 + Taxes & Fees

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