We talked to: PATRIA

We talked to PATRIA

We recently chatted with the awesome team at the new restaurant in Thornes Marketplace, PATRIA. Check out what they had to say and how things are going for them in the New Normal. We are thrilled to have them in the community!

Congratulations on your recent opening! What’s happening menu-wise at this point in time?

We are thrilled to announce that we now have a full menu, with appetizers, entrees, cocktails, and beer and wine. And we also have a delightful dessert offering that will change from week to week, depending upon what’s fresh and local.

How are things going so far in these uncertain times? When do you plan to open your indoor seating?

Things have been really good. The reception to our food has been overwhelmingly positive, and people have been very enthusiastic to be dining out. The amount and quality of the outdoor seating is great, and we feel set up for success. At this point, we are basically taking it week by week regarding seating, and are most comfortable with continuing to offer outdoor seating only. The longer we can hold off on an indoor situation, the better. We have to survive, so right now we’re trying to weigh the health and safety of employees and community while also staying afloat. Indoor is a last case scenario at this point of time. We are also currently discussing and playing around with a takeout lunch menu, and will update folks once we have more information on that. Takeout/to-go lunches would definitely help us to remain profitable before moving to the indoor seating phase. We are considering some higher end sandwiches as well as cocktails to go, so stay tuned!

Are people adhering to mask-wearing rules regularly, or have you encountered some challenges?

Honestly, people have been incredibly aware/vigilant and have been following the rules. The only challenge is when a couple might spot someone they know and want to socialize across tables. That said, people are immediately apologetic and return to their tables/replace their masks. We understand how difficult it is for people not to feel an excitement and sense of “normalcy” when dining out in this period of time, but we’ve been impressed by how well folks have been following the rules overall. We also try to make it as comfortable, clean, and safe as possible with strict sanitizing, hand sanitizers everywhere, and plenty of information to help people feel at ease while they enjoy a meal.

What positive things have you learned during this crazy time?

Community has been a big thing that we’ve relied on. We feel fortunate to be part of this community where everyone is working hard and coming together to figure this out. Restaurants are supportive of each other, and we truly feel supported. There is also something very special right now about spending time at the front of the house, chatting with guests. For many, it’s the first time they have left their homes for a meal at a restaurant in months, and there is a sense of joy, excitement, and gratitude that they can have a night out and not have to cook for the family for a change! To be a part of this and see how appreciative people are, and to be able to provide them with delicious food and a sense of being cared for is really meaningful.

Is there any other information you’d like to share about your business?

We are excited to share some new entrees as of this week, including Dayboat Scallops, Dry-Aged Rib of Beef, Hen Two Ways, and New England Black Bass. The menu is subject to change, so keep checking our website and social media for exciting updates! https://www.patrianorthampton.com/

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