We talked to: Halo Hair Studio

We talked to: Halo Hair Studio

We recently spoke to Ali Guertin of Halo Hair Studio. Check out what she had to say and how things are going for her business!

We are so excited to welcome you to the Maplewood Shops downtown! What made you choose to bring your hair studio to Northampton?

I grew up going to Northampton, and have always loved it here. With so many different things to do, so many great artists, and amazing restaurants, it has always felt like a fun and special destination. Back in the day, I loved going to Faces, Spaghetti Freddy’s, the Mercantile, and seeing movies at Pleasant Street Theater. There was such a vibrance to downtown, and I hope it sees a revival as some new businesses start to pop up. Everything is cyclical, so when older businesses move on, for various reasons, new ones come in and bring a sense of progress and vitality.  I was so excited when my current space became available. Julie, who owns Skincare by Julieanne in the Maplewood Shops, alerted me to the fact that it was for rent, and I immediately wanted to check it out. As soon as I saw it, it spoke to me--it has such a homey, welcoming vibe, and I knew I could really make it my own.

What’s your philosophy and approach when it comes to your salon and the services you offer?

I want guests to feel heard when they visit my studio. Too often, when people go to a salon, they feel rushed or overwhelmed by a busy, distracting environment.  If instead, they are offered private, one-on-one time with their stylist, it can really change an experience and make it memorable and enjoyable. I love sitting down with my guests, talking to them, and really getting to know what they need as individuals. Self-care is so important to our well-being, and my goal in this space is to create a safe, comfortable, and positive experience for everyone. I want my guests to feel restored and great about themselves when they leave.

What challenges have you faced in the past year plus, and what have you learned?

The biggest one for me is balancing motherhood with my passion for work. Ultimately, it’s a huge challenge, but it’s also one that so many people face on a daily basis. Sometimes it might appear that others are “doing better”, but it’s all hard, no matter what your business is. Though it’s been a lot of work moving my business to a new place on my own, it’s also been a very positive thing ultimately. Now I know I can move forward with something I truly believe in, add my personal touches, and elevate my guests’ experiences. I can offer them the best of myself and my expertise at every appointment.

As a business owner, how do you take time for yourself/to rejuvenate?

Aside from pondering my business, in my spare time I enjoy tending to my chickens and my garden. I love being outside--being in nature truly restores me and revives me. There’s something very primal about outdoor activities that is nurturing and good for the soul.

What’s your philosophy when it comes to the products you use?

Because of my own experience with psoriasis and eczema, I have become very committed to using more organic, natural products that are alcohol and fragrance-free. It’s nice to read a bottle and be able to identify the ingredients, and I like learning more about each product so I can educate not only myself, but my guests as well. If I feel good about what I’m using on my own skin and hair, I want to share those products with my guests and make sure they are getting the best possible treatments every time they visit me.

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