Village on Main


COVID-19 Update

To the most valued guests ever, ❤️
After speaking with the team, it’s now time to let you all know that we’ve decided to keep our lil Village closed permanently. There are many factors that went into this painful decision... from just being closed for 2.5 months with expenses still mounting, the unaffordable cost of the new very necessary safety measures, to the economic uncertainty of this period in time. Protecting the health, safety and well-being of our team and community weighed heavily on our hearts and minds - inevitably this is what drove our decision home.
Yes we know this news does suck... but it’s important for us to have you know that we’ve made peace with our decision. One of the hardest parts will be letting go of the relationships, some of which we hadn’t even realized reached us so deeply. Our hope is for you to continue your relationships with the talented gals wherever they land. For now, Jenn and I will be on hiatus in the hills taking the necessary time to grieve, heal, and plan our next adventure.
Until we meet again dear friends... with peace, health, and so much love,
Jules and Jenn .

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