Tangle Chocolate


COVID-19 Update

Valentine's Day. For you, three gift boxes designed especially for this year's Valentine's Day at home. This is the year for classic at-home romance presented Tangle style! Flowers. Chocolate. Poetry. Lights! Your Valentine will know that they are cherished and appreciated—which is what most of us want above all else. See our selection online and order either there or over the phone. Curbside pickup or $5 shipping.

Tangle Chocolate makes premium, handmade 9-calorie chocolate slivers that melt on your tongue. We use just two ingredients, both organic: cacao beans and cane sugar. We invite you to slow down and savor a sliver; we promise it will elevate those ordinary, everyday moments that we are all having so very many of! Comes in three sizes, each uniquely boxed. Also offering killer hot chocolate.