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COVID-19 Update

To our many Sylvester’s customers, Thank you for all your support!
This pandemic is taking its toll on businesses everywhere and we are no exception. Independent restaurants are especially hard hit, for a variety of reasons.
As we listen to the scientists, who predict the pandemic will continue worsen over the next six weeks, we now must make decisions that will keep us safe as a team. Thus, we will be closing for a winter hibernation for a few months. Hopefully, by late winter, the virus will be more in check, vaccines will be more widely available, and we can get back to the everyday Sylvester’s experience we all know and love.
Meanwhile, and until then, thank you for supporting your local independently owned small business. They’re probably all struggling much more than you know.
Thank you for all the years of support. Please stay safe everyone.
Sincerely, Sylvester’s Restaurant

Homemade whenever possible and practical, our philosophy is that the best tasting food is the food made from scratch, without the use of preservatives or additives, using the freshest ingredients we can buy. Our pancake batters are made fresh daily using locally sourced milk from Mapleline Farm in Hadley and fresh organic eggs from the Country Hen in Hubbardston. Salad dressings are all made daily in our kitchen, without preservatives. Our corned beef hash is boiled and prepared fresh every morning. We make every effort to provide you the finest, freshest ingredients, because we know you can taste the difference.