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COVID-19 Update

We hope you’re all safe & healthy and finding some ways to relax during these weird times. If there’s any chance you are in a financial position to help us through this open-ended tough time of being closed, we’ve added GIFT CERTIFICATES to our online shop. We’ll probably work on adding other products in the coming weeks, but this was what we could currently wrap our heads around doing. Please support us if you have the means. It would be so greatly appreciated! And seriously - 100% OK you can’t. WE GET IT. Just following us on this strange journey is support enough. Maybe tell us your favorite thing you found at Grapefruit? Cuz that’s fun and will remind us of being in our shop and curating cool things for new and old friends!
PS: our web host is being glitchy with sales tax. We created a temporary work-around cuz gift cards should be tax free. If you’re in Massachusetts, please be sure to grab a gift certificate from the “Mass Residents” listing so you’re not charged extra. All out-of-staters use the other listing. Nothing’s simple these days! 🙃 (Link in bio)

Grapefruit is a new little shop right next to the Roost on Market street. Pop in for a visit and check out our unique collection of goods - from fine art to photocopied zines, small batch perfume beside our favorite tarot decks, handmade jewelry, used books and so much more!

Be sure to find us on instagram too! @grapefruitnoho