Brew Practitioners


COVID-19 Update

Brewing the PiNk BeEr this morning. Also, FYI, we will begin distributing the PiNk throughout western mass in the coming month. Look for it as a store near you. More to come on that!! Oh yea, our Patio and food permit in the background. Not sure we have mentioned it, but Northampton won't let us open with everything the Governor asked us to have......... ie outdoor seating, table service and a retail food permit. But if a food truck comes, we meet all the Hamp guidelines. That will definitely drive you to drink! JoeBob.

Brew Practitioners is the stuff of the American dream. It is a majority women-owned entity and all of the practitioners come from diverse walks of life, culturally and geographically. We are a group of professionals and best of all, a group of long-time friends. Combined, we have decades of business experience: operational and service, engineering, finance; law and agriculture. We are Jills and Jacks of many trades; but our common bond – is beer.