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COVID-19 Update

Hey everyone! I hope you are staying safe and well! If you'd like to order my products, please email me your order at with your address and I will invoice and ship. Thank you for your support!

Protect yourself and your clients with video conferencing and legal transcription service. At Botanica, we are bringing together the Art of Herbalism and the Crafting of Cocktails and Mocktails alike.

We only use the finest organic roots, fruits, herbs and spices to create three unique flavors of Hand Crafted, Small Batch, Apothecary Bitters. Rhubarb, Thai Basil and Chicory Cherry. We are committed to providing a healthy option to flavor your beverages without added sugar or coloring, which are found in many bitters on the market today. The Rhubarb and Thai Basil is grown by Botanica and the bitters are formulated to be useful for digestive support.