Birdhouse Music

COVID-19 Update

First of all, we’re open for appointments and occasionally a drop by. We’re keeping the amount of people in the store to a minimum and really prefer if you set up a time when we can make sure you’ll have the comfort and space you need. Of course masks are required and must be kept on the entire time you’re in the store.
We’re actively working on, and taking in Repairs. I want to use this opportunity to introduce Ohad Barbibay, our luthier and electronics technician. He does impeccable work, is priced affordably and can often do same day setups and repairs. He’s generally here on Saturdays and Mondays but can often schedule other times. Feel free to schedule a drop-off at your convenience and we’ll get it in our queue.

Specializing in used, new, and vintage electric guitars, acoustic guitars, basses, amps, and effects. Also offering consignment and repair services.