Belly of the Beast


COVID-19 Update

This Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 11am - 3pm we will be featuring a small select menu of beloved "old menu" items: Un Oeuf is Un Oeuf, Smashed Fried Potatoes, Bougie Grilled Cheese, and we will have a few newer items too. We will have a table set up outside to place your order on as we will not be allowing anyone other than staff into the restaurant at this time. In order to receive your food, masks must be worn properly (as is still the law in the business districts of Northampton). What about Deliveries??! We got you! We will be continuing to make deliveries with our current expanded menu, but we will be moving this to occur on MONDAYS. We will be sending out emails on Thursdays with information about the delivery menu as well as the pick-up menu. This will begin Thursday, July 2nd for take out July 2-4th or delivery July 6th. You can stock up for the week for home dinners, lunches, or snacks throughout the week.

A warm and welcoming local eatery featuring from-scratch seasonal fare. The daily menu is posted listing today’s variation on the mainstay favorites and specials for the day . . . there is something for everyone including house-smoked meat sandwiches, fresh salads, vegan soups, seasonal vegetable sides, pickles, refreshing housemade shrub seltzers, a warming cup of tea or local cider-ale.